Oregon Lithoprint Chooses David Anderson As General Manager

Oregon Lithoprint is a family-owned printing company. In fact this is a fourth generation family-owned and until now they continue to provide their clients and customers with satisfactory services and an expertise in offset web printing.

Oregon Lithoprint is known as one of the region’s leading web printers. They also provide periodicals and catalogs to hundreds of their clients which includes universities, wholesale suppliers, trade associations and publishers.

Oregon make sure that they provide quality and satisfying services to each of their clients and they see to it that their clients were satisfied with their output. At OLI their clients is always on their first priority. They talk to their clients of what are their needs and make sure that the details of each project were addressed properly. And for that, their clients were satisfied and they can attest that OLI produced best and quality services.

OLI continues to grow, with the help of their key people. David Anderson is the General Manager of the said printing company. David has been into this company since 1987. Before he getting into the said position, David was into the Sales Department and he was responsible for the long-term key accounts and it helped a lot in increasing their sales. For the almost 20 years David was held in different jobs that involves in Sales and Production and eventually became a General Manger in 1996.

At Oregon Lithoprint, you’re assured of quality service! Their dedicated and expert team will provide you exceptional, quality and craftsmanship and they deliver right from you.


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