Immersive Media Corp., Chooses David Anderson As CFO, Corporate Secretary and Director

Immersive Media Corporation (IMC) is an advanced digital video imaging company. This company was founded in 1994.

IMC offers the following products:

  • iIMC’s Telemmersion System, Camera Head, Base Unit, Internal ImmersiViewer Card and Internal WorldView Card.

  • IMC’s Telemmersion System is a camera system that uses 11 video streams arranged according to geodesic geometry.

  • IMC’s technology hardware and software products are manufactured and sold, licensed or leased according to individual market requirements.

IMC offers a full in-house production services like the following:

  • Certified camera operators

  • Post Production Facility

  • IMC Professionals

Immersive Media Corp. is situated in Calgary, Alberta. Immersive Media Company, in Portland, Oregon.

David Anderson joined the company in May 13, 2003 as the Chief Financial Officer, Corporate Secretary and a Director.

David was a co-founder and initially held the CFO position for MC2/Centrinity Inc. (formerly CTI:TSX). Anderson was responsible for the company’s capitalization, initial public offering and all subsequent offerings. David was also a co-founder and Director of Outrider Resources Limited, a publicly traded junior oil and gas company on the ASE that was sold in 1996. He is also the co-founder and a Director of Bison Resources Ltd. (BIS.A:TSX), a public junior oil company that was recently sold this past year.

Anderson has an extensive experience raising capital for both private and public corporations. And that makes him great in his job as the Chief Financial Officer of IMC.


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  1. […] Immersive Media Corporation appoints David Anderson as their Chief Financial Officer,Corporate Secretary and Director. Anderson joined the said company in May 13, 2003. David has an extensive experience of working in different companies both private and public. […]

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