Great Achievements of Dr. David Anderson!

David Anderson is really an intelligent person. He has done a lot of great achievements in his career as a researcher.

Dr. David Anderson got a graduate degree in Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Wisconsin. He worked as the faculty of the U.C. Berkeley Computer Science Department from 1985-1992.

He also published his research that includes volunteer computing, distributed systems, real time and multimedia systems, graphics, computer music, and psychometrics applied to learning and aesthetic preference. Since 1998 he has directed SETI@home, a pioneering project in volunteer computing. In 2002 he founded the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC) project, which develops platform software for volunteer computing. He is currently a Research Scientist at the U.C. Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory.

1997 up to the present, David serves as the project director at SETI@home, a research project the uses Internet-connected computers to analyze radio-telescope data in the search for extraterrestrial l intelligence(SETI). He was also the technical lead, designing and managing the implementation of the client-side and server-side software, the database, and the server hardware architecture.

In 2000-2002 United Devices developed a platform for Internet-scale distributed computing and storage, and marketed this platform in a number of application areas such as Bioinformatics and Web load testing. David was the one who is responsible for the platform architecture which includes its API, its cross-platform client software, and its back-end server and database.

At he also worked as a Chief Technology Officer in 1995-1999. He was the one who implemented and architected a database-driven, Web-based system for personalized music directory and marketing.


In 1995 up to the present, he works as a consultant. His consulting contracts includes the following: (1.)For Virtual University International. Developed basic technology (Java/Javascript/SQL) for presenting personalized structured instructional material via the Web. (2.)For prototyped collaborative-filtering system for content personalization. (3.)For Jump! Software Inc. Developed a web site for sheet music sales, and an associated aggregation/shipping system, using Cold Fusion, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access and VB.

David also developed and operated, a Web-based system for rating-based recommendation of movies, TV, and other entertainment; and HORSE, a kiosk-based science museum exhibit that teaches the principles of radio SETI using interactive audio and animation.

1992 – 1995: Director of Software Architecture, Sonic Solutions, San Rafael CA. David Anderson was the technical leader in developing SonicSystem, a distributed digital audio editing system based on FDDI, Macintosh, and proprietary DSP and I/O boards. I designed and implemented a high-performance file system, a custom transport protocol, and a system for reserving device bandwidth so that multiple users can share resources without performance conflicts. He was also responsible for the system-level software of SonicSystem and MediaNet. My role included cross-platform software design, software architecture for Sonic’s next generation of audio and video products, and the design of software interfaces for OEM partners.

David Anderson authored or co-authored 69 papers in Computer Science, with 17 papers in refereed journals (including Communications of the ACM, ACM Transactions on Graphics, ACM Transactions on Computer Systems, IEEE Computer, and IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering), 28 conference papers, and 13 unpublished technical reports.

Dr. Anderson is sole inventor on two pending patent applications for technology related to MediaNet, a patent related to distributed computing, and a patent for an invention involving 3-D interactive television.

Good job for Dr. David Anderson that he was able to achieve all this and his work performance was really great! Well done Dr. David Anderson! 😉


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