Dr. David Anderson- Great Professor and Director

David Anderson, Ph.D. is the Associate Professor and Director, Center for the Advancement of Public Health, Department of Health, Fitness and Recreation Resources, Graduate School of Education, at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.

Before he became the Associate professor, he was able to work with the following as a student affairs administrator:
1.Director of Life – Ohio University
2.Director of Residential Life – Radford University
3.Residence Hall Director – The Ohio State University
David earned his Bachelor of Arts at Duke University, finished his M.S. At The Ohio State University. He took his Ph.D. in Public Policy/ Public Affairs From Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

His specialty is college alcohol abuse prevention. That includes underage drinking prevention, strategic planning, traffic safety and accountability. He coordinates numerous national, state and local projects; teaches courses on drug and alcohol issues, community health, and health communications; and conducts research and evaluation on college and community health.

He was one of the authors on the two national surveys. David was the co-editor of the Promising Practices: Campus Alcohol; Strategies project and Charting Your Course: A Lifelong Guide to Health and Compassion.

Dr. David Anderson is one of the developers of Alcohol 101 Plus. Alcohol 101 Plus aims to help people reduce the harm caused with the misuse of alcohol especially on college campuses. This program will give awareness to students in college with the danger that it can cause especially driving while drunk. Alcohol 101 Plus encourages students to maintain personal safety and think through situations especially if it involves decisions about drinking. The program also implies that drinking is not the solution or the only way if you want to socially acceptable to others. Also this program will help people to know important information on what are the effects of drinking too much alcohol in the body especially how does it affects on the brain.

This program will really help students to stay away from drinking alcoholic drinks. David Anderson is really great person!


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