David Anderson- Associate Professor at Department of Curriculum Studies

Dr. David Anderson is the Associate Professor at Queensland University of Technology. He is the museum learning specialist and science educator at the Department of Curriculum Studies. He also teaches in different graduate courses that are related to Research Methods in the social sciences and Science Learning in Informal Environments. David also teaches in undergraduate pre-service teacher education programs that are focused on the Science Methods and Astronomy Education.

David Anderson’s graduate works were focused on the visitor learning emergent from experiences in informal contexts like museums, science, art galleries, aquariums and many others. He also conducted other studies in Australia and United states before he joined UBC in 2002. His doctoral research focused on the construction students’ knowledge emergent from science museum and post-visit activity experiences. As his Masters work, David also worked and examined of what are the effects of visitor novelty on learning in museum settings.

David was able to help different museums institutions like Canada, Australia,China, Japan, Malaysia and United States in different forms of exhibit and program development through educational research and evaluation practices. At present, he’s doing a research studies of young children’s behavior and learning in museum settings, visitors’ long term memories of museum experiences, the relationships between metacognition and the quality of learning emergent from science museum experiences and reforming traditional models of teacher education.

For more than 18 years, David has done different research and his studies focused in the fields of science education and museum-based learning. Dr. Anderson’s research activities focus on helping museum-based institutions and develop the experiences they provide their visitors, and also center on further refining the theoretical frameworks through which educational researchers investigate visitors behavior and learning in informal settings. Some of his research works were the following:

  1. Teacher enculturation in the practice of field trip visitation and curriculum integration in China.

  2. East African Students’ Ways of Knowing in Science Discourses

  3. Pre-Service Teachers’ Extended Practicum Experience in Museums

  4. Visitors’ long-term memory of large scale exhibitions: Recollection of world expositions

  5. Metacognition and Museums

  6. An investigation of the factors influencing K-7 teacher’s decisions to make field trip visits.<

Dr. David Anderson’s research works helps a lot in the development through research and evaluation practices of the different museums. Good job for Dr. David Anderson! 😉


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